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🇬🇧/🇺🇸This is a very freeform and streamlined RPG ruleset, inspired by the Free Kriegsspiel Revolution and Old School Renaissance movements, based on the most famous old school sci-fi RPG, but intended to be used in any setting or genre. The system is designed to be very flexible and hackable. Hacks are indeed encouraged and welcomed.

HTML version on the official website

Also check out Roamers of the Dream, the first game built with GIST!

GIST! is also available in portoguese as SIGMA translated and maintained by srpadilha.

 🇮🇹 Questo è un regolamento GDR molto semplificato e free-form, ispirato dai movimenti Free Kriegsspiel Revolution e Old School Renaissance e basato sul più famoso GDR di fantascienza vecchia scuola, ma progettato per essere usato in qualsiasi ambientazione o genere. Il sistema è concepito per essere molto flessibile e modificabile. I derivati sono infatti incoraggiati e benvenuti.

Versione web sul sito ufficiale.


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GIST!_v1.5.pdf 2 MB
GIST!_v1.5_booklet.pdf 424 kB
GIST!_1.5.md 10 kB
GIST!_1.5.odt 23 kB
GIST!_ita.pdf 1 MB
GIST!_ita.md 9 kB
GIST!_ita.odt 1 MB
GIST!.v.2.0.pdf 292 kB
GIST!.v.2.0_ITA.pdf 767 kB

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Love this! May I translate it to brazilian portuguese? I can send the file back to you as a .odt

sure, since is CC licensed you can host it by yourself if you wish


Great, thanks! Will translate this and Loner (which is also awesome) and make sure to link to your original pages and profile.

Honored to be translated! Keep me updated

Sigma, the portuguese translation of Gist is up! :) https://srpadilha.itch.io/sigmagistptbr
'll try to have Loner up tomorrow or Sunday

I added a direct link on the GIST! page, thank you