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After consulting ancient codes in search of the Dreamlands, one night you went to sleep and started dreaming. 
It was not a dream like the others, it was vivid and real, so much so that you could not distinguish it from the wake.
Time seems to pass more slowly in the Dreamlands and any attempt you made to wake up has been in vain. In this world, everyone addresses you by another name and claims that you have always been someone else. The memories of this identity of yours are vague and superimposed on your memories of the Waking World.
Having failed to find the way to awake, you started living your life here. The Dream is sometimes full of wonders, other times of unmentionable horrors and now you have to face this life beyond imagination. Now you are a Roamer of the Dream
. Will you ever find a way to wake up?

Roamers of the Dream is an old school inspired adventure game in which you play the role of a dream wanderer.
The game system is simple to learn.  You will find everything you need to create and play a character.
Players will take on the role of Roamers who will have to live, survive and find a way to wake up before losing their lucidity for good.

Created for the #DreamingJam

Free text-only web version available here.

Please note: this games is not play tested yet albeit I consider it fully playable. Purchasing it you support my work and improved future releases.
Your feedback is very important: if you feel to share your insights and criticism about this game, please consider to leave a comment below!


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Roamers of the Dream.pdf 21 MB
Roamers of the Dream.epub 360 kB
Roamers of the Dream.md 56 kB
Roamers of the Dream.odt 45 kB
City Map 1 MB
Regional Map 3 MB

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