GIST! 1.5

I’ve been wanting to update GIST for a long time! Both from the point of view of rules and graphics. GIST! was written and layouted in a hurry on New Year’s Eve, but there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of rules clarity. This “in-between” edition features the following innovations:

  1. Minimal and simplified graphics, in order to make it printer-friendly
  2. Ready-made booklet layout
  3. added rules for freeform magic and creatures generation (these are taken from Roamers of the Dream).


GIST!_v1.5.pdf 2 MB
Apr 20, 2021
GIST!_v1.5_booklet.pdf 424 kB
Apr 20, 2021
GIST! 10 kB
Apr 20, 2021
GIST!_1.5.odt 23 kB
Apr 20, 2021


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I know this is intended for traditional group play but what do think should be modified for solitaire play using one single character? Also, can you explain the Stat Scores above 12? I guess a +3 mod is only for point assignment & doesn't apply to rolling 2d6.

Stat score above 12 is for NPCs, they should use the same rules for throws as Playing Characters As for solo play, there’s no problem at all, all you need is an Oracle (I usually go for Ray Otus’ The Oracle or Graven Utterance’s Recluse). Then you roll a single character and adjust challenge level accordingly (i.e. a single foe instead of a squad, etc.)

NPCs, okay.

Adjust enemy numbers.