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Thálassa is an adventure game for one facilitator (the odigós) and at least one other player. 

Players act as fearless explorers of the Mediterranean of the Mythical Age, studded with mysterious islands, thick forests, legendary creatures, labyrinths and dangers.

Thálassa is based on Cairn SRD and is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Web SRD available here

Premium POD available on Lulu

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As you can seen in the section below, there are plenty of Community Copies. 

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Now Including Odigós, the facilitator's guide to Thálassa

This guide offers the guidance and assistance needed to bring your vision to life. Experience the magic of Greek mythology with Thálassa as your faithful companion.


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Soundscapes for Thálassa


This game took part to Zine Month 2022


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Quite enjoyed running a one-shot of this. The various spark tables were quite helpful.

For my game, I designed my own custom character sheets, available here: https://polyhedralnonsense.com/2023/08/08/thalassa-character-sheets-for-a-mythic...

Thank you for the in-depth and kind review and also for the rad character sheet, I’ll surely address anyone that want more space for notes to your page

Really enjoy this game. I have made a (system neutral) rules supplement for naval battles which I use together with Thalassa. Its called Naumachia and can be found here:

Love this game! I think I might have found an error though. I can't seem to find the profession table mentioned on page 9.

Indeed, it’s a relic of an older version of the SRD. Thank you for spotting it


I just saw your submission as part of the OSR June Jam. This reminded me of all the epic poems I had to read as an undergrad, but I won't hold that against you! Thanks for allowing us to get copies when we are short on cash. Rated!


Thálassa is a RPG where you play as explorers of the Mediterranean in the Mythical Age. It incorporates elements from Greek mythology, with mythological weapons, magic and monsters. Give this game a try if you're into Greek mythology!

Ciao, Roberto. Come mai non c’è una versione originale italiana di Thálassa? Stavo considerando comprare il livro in Lulu, ma preferirei in italiano, per ricordarlo e metterlo in prattica, meglio del inglese.

Ciao, non prevedo una traduzione in tempi brevi, anzi ho il dubbio che non la farò mai l’interesse che può suscitare nel potenziale pubblico italiano non bilancia lo sforzo mi spiace

Anche, non capisco questi attributi e il loro significato. No parlo greco, ma mi sembra che le traduzioni siano sbagliate. Può essere? • kratos (KRA) (strength) -> I found the meaning to be “state” • tekhne (TEK) (nimbleness) -> art • thumos (THU) (control) -> anger or dough (depending on which z you pick)

Hi! Where would be a good place to contact you? I have a lot of opinions on the game, but I'd like to discuss it a bit with you before putting a review on my blog.

Hi! You can find my contacts on my personal page zeruhur.space I am also on discord: zeruhur#9365

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(Sent you a contact request on discord! [evil_scientist])

Both are working - many thanks!!!

Went to check out the Thálassa SRD and the link is not working - might want to double-check it.

fixed! thank you for the error report

Now a PDF is included in the download section. This is not the final product, only a raw conversion in LaTEX