Scaling Luck and Combat difficulty

/u/elenaermithlin asked me on reddit how to scale difficulty in encounters:

Suppose my character would be fighting a big bad or any significant enemy that should be quite deadly or cunning, should I still use the regular My Luck vs Their Luck of 6 v 6?

Here is my answer, hope that you’ll find it useful too!

Just keep in mind that Luck is only one measure of how far a character is from their demise. Is not intended to represent Hit Points or other measures that represent physical performance or endurance.

The reason why I introduced it is because normally in FU RPG (from which Loner is derived) the Oracle manages every aspect of the game, including combat, but I wanted a more gamey mechanic for those times when you don’t want to manage everything with a single question or a sequence of: “does this punch hit? and this one? and this other?”. Which I found pretty tedious to manage as a player!

So I don’t find it necessary to scale the difficulty of the encounters, but remember this is your game too! Experiment and modify as you like, the CC license is for that too!

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