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Loner is a bare-bone freeform solo RPG designed to play with a solo character in “narrative” mode. You’ll guide your character through the story that will unravel during the game, asking closed questions to an oracle who will assume the role of Game Master. Every now and then the game will surprise you when an unexpected plot twist happens!

To play it, it is assumed that you are already familiar with the world of role-playing and solo games. Good places to get an idea are the RPG page on Wikipedia and the Lone Wolf Roleplaying subreddit.

This game is FREE and OPEN-LICENSED, and always will be. 

Play online with the Loner Assistant!

Based on Recluse (CC BY 4.0) by Graven Utterance and Freeform Universal Roleplaying Game (CC BY 4.0) by Nathan Russell

Harm mechanics are from 6Q System (CC BY 4.0) by Marcus Burggraf.

Title font LILMRKR CC BY 4.0 by Speak the Sky

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
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AuthorZotiquest Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagssolo, Solo RPG, solorpg, solo-ttrpg
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
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An excellent role-playing game, stimulating storytelling and excellent dice mechanics, simple but extremely interesting .

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Un bel GdR snello e integrato le cui azioni si svolgono mediante l'ausilio dell'oracolo e tutta una serie di Adventure Packs setting-specifici per approfondire i dettagli e gli eventi delle avventure in solitario. Provato col fantasy è stato divertente: il sistema è intuitivo e come oracolo consente di formulare sia domande chiuse che aperte. L'autore inoltre è sempre disponibile a chiarimenti e aggiorna continuamente i contenuti (vedasi gli Adventure Packs e le versioni successive di Loner). Un piccolo gioiello dei GDRS che merita di essere conosciuto dal pubblico.