so1um enhanced is online!

Since I rediscovered so1um by Matt Jackson a couple of weeks ago, I tried to add some material to have a more “complete” set for my personal use. Since so1um was released under a CC license, I submit to you my humble and respectful attempt, which I named so1um enhanced

these are the main changes:

  • Flesh out a background: a new section to randomly create some past and quirk
  • Appearance: new section
  • added an adventure seed generator
  • included Recluse oracle by /u/gravenutterance
  • Determine the twist: included the twist tables from Tiny Solitary Soldier oracle
  • Ask an open question or get inspired: a new section with 3 random tables of verbs, nouns and adjective to obtain some random prompt
  • Determine the mood of the next scene: included the next scene engine from Tiny Solitary Soldier oracle
  • new system to Scale up/down Difficulty
  • The Big List of Clichés: a new section with 108 clichés
  • Find good clichés: some guidance to find and write clichés
  • Non-player characters: new section
  • Bestiary: a new section with around 60 monsters and encounters for 4 different genres
  • The game is obviously released for free, and you can find a web version here.

Hope it is useful to your solo-plays.


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Mar 28, 2021

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