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I like this a lot. It is ideal for "imaginatively challenged" people like myself. I have written a short review/overview on my solo RPG blog

Thank you for you kind words! Happy you liked my take on this versatile system!

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Some errata for you:

Elephant B:5 M:2 S:3 HP:7 Proboscis, Ivory Tusks

Elefant could be a junior version of the Elephant Man whose Ivory Fangs make for enormous canines!

Gelatinous Cube B:3 M:1 S:1 HP:1 Voracious Devourer, Cold Resistant

Doracious sounds like something out of an kid-friendly anime! ;)


Fixed these and others found around!

Hi,  on page 5 at Ask an Open Question or Get Inspired shouldn't be 2d6 (instead of 1d6) on the tables? One for columns and one for rows?


yes, going to correct this in the next version

Hi has this been corrected? Thanks!


Looks great.

Any chance of a pages version in addition to the existing spreads version, please. 

That would make it easily printable as an A5 booklet.


It was in fact an error. Complete oversight on my part. Funny that nobody pointed out this earlier! Fixed


Thank you ever so very much for the rapid response!

I have printed and stapled this as an A5 booklet!

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Have you looked at So1um Expanded Edition by Carsten Rossner?
I like what you've collected here & the Bestiary is nice. My only issue with the Graven Utterance oracle is the doubles = Twist. Rolling doubles doesn't answer my question. It's just a preference thing but that's why I don't use it though I do use a 2d6 method.

I have the so1um Expanded Edition as an A5 booklet.  

Looking forward to picking and mixing between Enhanced and Expanded as suits my games!


This looks interesting. I was not aware of Matt's version but he was cool enough to playtest Osseous, my first stab at writing "a system", using Ray Otus' solo rules.

Looking forward to playing around with this one.

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Otus did a great job to streamline the concept of Mythic GME, but I prefer the more easy approach of Tiny Solitary Soldiers, but also a little bit of crunch of the Recluse oracle (since FU oracle used by TSS has a boring distribution). It’s a pure matter of taste, I guess. Let me know the results of your play session when it is done!


I've enjoyed using Tiny Solitary myself but did need to jazz it up a little. I only discovered Recluse today after look into So1um. I'll certainly let you know how I get on. 👍