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Whenever I download the game, page 17 of the PDF has a gray bar on it that covers up numbers 3 and 4 of the design principles. 

I’ll fix this ASAP


Fixed version available


Hey, I have a quick question about rolling a double on the oracle. On page 14 it says you read this as "yes, and..." and add one to the twist counter, but page 17 it says interpret it as "yes, but...". I've been using the online Loner Assistant (which is great by the way) and it seems to go with "yes, but..." - is this what you intend?

If I was rolling the dice myself rather than using the online tool I think I would house rule it as a high double (4,4; 5,5; 6,6) is "yes, and..." and a low double is "yes, but...".

A double is always a “yes, but…” adding one to the twist counter until three and then resects. Sorry for the misleading typo, I thought I fixed it long time ago

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Hello, this is my first ever trpg. Decided to try it since it's much easier to learn to get in to and come up with setting I would like to play. I have some questions 1)About the Conflict. I understand how conflict is going, but I didn't understand how to count damaged luck based off the dice. In example 2d6 for chance with 10 and 1d6 for risk with 5 caused to loose thug 3 luck points. Isn't he suppose to loose 5 luck? 2) When open-ended question works? Do I just ask myself during the game what I wanna know about scene I came up so I could do interpretation of what I found? 3) Can rules of conflict applied with use of tactical board? 4) When does scene is count as ended for mood roll? 5) Does the twist apply during the scene or is it count as next scene from current one?

Edit: I think I got how luck in conflicts work: 12 is 6 luck, 5-6 is 3 luck, 1 is 0 luck. Does traits with frailty apply during the conflict like with oracle?


Nope, it’s not 2d6, they are two facing throws, so you have to resolve it as a closed question and see how many Luck you love in the corresponding answer

Oh, i get it. So i just have to look up to what answer from Oracle's closed question and that amount of harm i done and amount of harm opponent done(if he roled for causing damage, of course). And who's luck is lost first or lost the most, if we lose both at the same time, is lost the Conflict.


Indeed, exactly


As for the other questions:

  • Open-Ended questions are free to interpret. Just roll the words and try to interpret them in the current context to inspire a response
  • Loner is not meant to be played as a tactical game, nor does it provide boards to be played. This is intentional, by design. is a game for theater of the mind, it can even be played while walking!
  • The end of the scene is identified in relation to the context, but essentially it is a unit of time and action. When everything you can do in a given place and time is accomplished, the scene ends.

Thanks, it's just my first time to try something like this. Gonna continue my campaign better then.


This is such an amazing find, thanks for creating such an amazing game. A question regarding Harm & Luck. I know the PC has 6 luck, and I assume the opponents do as well, but let's say my guy is in a Goblin den, some of the goblins would just be like 'one hit done' style encounters. Would they still get 6 luck points?


Yes, indeed. Everything is a character, so also NPCs has always 6 luck. I wrote extensively about this in the FAQ in a nutshell: Luck is not HP


Hi. Big fan here.

I started to translate it to Portuguese as a personal inDesign exercise and for personal use. But I'd like to send you a copy, so you can use it as you see fit.


I am flattered, sure I’ll be more than pleased to see the final result! And please feel free to publish it on your page when you have finished!

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Hello, I really like that you included flowcharts - I think they are a much needed addition to solo games!


Hi! Thanks a lot for creating this and releasing it for free! You have got a buyer for the Loner Complete book. I have a question, though. The "Make Your Protagonist" section on p. 6 says a character has 2 skills, but both examples on the next page have 3 skills each. Which one is correct? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, they are indeed two skills and one frailty:

  • for Zahra: Streetwise, Nimble (skills) and merciful (frailty)
  • for the Century Skylark: Hyperjump Drive, Camouflage Circuits (skills), Midlife Courier (frailty)

hope it helps!


Sorry, I didn't notice the third skill was in fact a frailty (I am not a native English speaker, so that's probably why I mistakenly thought they were skills). Thanks for the clarification! Looking forward to Loner Complete even more after reading the genre kits in the Loner website :)